Knowledge Mapping and Management

KM2: The Knowledge Revolution

KM2 is the first 3rd generation knowledge management environment in the world. KM2 innovates with very effective tools to capture and transmit knowledge, to manage metacognition and also through the unique ability to generate new documents and syntheses. It is a tool for managers and all those submerged with information, letters and documents, who need to classify, find information and generate documents, presentations, programms, etc.

The Third Knowledge Revolution

»To communicate their knowledge, humankind first invented speech.
»Then linear writing and alphabets were invented by the Babylonians 5300 years ago by allowing the storage of speech on clay tablets.
»The modern technology of computer and screens allow for a new system of notation of non linear ideas and knowledge, more efficient, faster and more profitable than the Babylonian method: the SGH notation systems

Gain in Performance

»The KM2 methodology and tools are the first and only method in the world to integrate the systematic use of these new writing concepts, accompanied by specific and powerful tools.
»The KM2 method allows immediate and long-term time savings on many activities: meeting efficiency, knowledge approach for new and old domains, synthesis, research activities, problem solving, memorization and restitution, etc.

A complete offer

» Training in methodology and nonlinear notation for knowledge.
»Notation tools and management of knowledge blocks , with a specific and very powerful search engine.
»Synthesis tools : generate synthesis on a series of meetings or Word documents in a few seconds>.
»To learn more, you can view selected articles, the blog, or the frequently asked questions.

KM2 : Cognitive performance

The KM2 method is a synthesis between notions and techniques of graph theory, semiotics, cognitics and artificial intelligence, and a great experience of many realizations of expert systems and operational projects