Knowledge Mapping and Management

KM2 Method and software

The KM2 offer

KM2 is a method AND a software kit.

The KM2 offer is a complete offer:

  1. Training in methodology and nonlinear notation for knowledge .
  2. Tools to manage notations and blocks of knowledge , with a powerful search engine .
  3. Synthesis tools : filter, extract and aggregate data

The KM2 method

The KM2 method is a knowledge management method. It is based on the SGH system.

This is a specific method of organizing knowledge and files.

  • This method is scalable in the sense it accepts:
    • several people working on the same knowledge environment, and
    • a wide variety of complementary tools and software
  • An approach to build blocks and cones of knowledge.

The KM2 software

The KM2 method is based on two pieces of software :

  • The specific software “KM2” . This software allows:
    • to index XMIND files and to look for which files contain a given word or string
    • to memorize all the working documents of all types, and to find them easily by date or keywords
    • to automatically restore links in Xmind files:
      • when a document refers to other documents via hyperlinks, when these files are physically moved the hyperlink (which is a physical address) no longer works. The KM2 software will search the disk for files with the same name and restore these links.
      • This function is very useful in order to better manage its own documents
    • to automatically create documents in Xmind format :
      • meetings
      • todo list
    • KM2 integrates a mini-text editor that allows to activate processing functions on selected files or on the lines that form the content, to transform them into GHS and vice versa.
    • Synthesis tools :
      • a module allows  to generate syntheses on a series of meetings
      • a module allows to generate Word documents selectively from xmind templates in a few seconds.
  • A generic graph manipulation software : XMIND .
    • Xmind is a graph manipulation software for managing SGH documents.
    • KM2 also works (in terms of indexing) with other tools like MindMeister, Freemind and Imindmap.

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